Use Claritas’s Concierge Send-Out Management Program to Save Money on Genetic Testing

If your institution sends out genetic tests to a diverse array of laboratories, Claritas can help you manage the process. Our program not only reduces the time, cost, and effort that you spend managing send-outs, but our MERIT committee (Molecular Expertise Realizing Improvements in Testing) identifies the best lab to perform the requested test.

PLUGS brochureHow it works:

1. Order molecular genetic tests via Claritas Genomics
2. Send samples to Claritas.
3. If it is part of the Claritas Extended Menu, we identify the best laboratory to perform it and we handle all logistics.
4. Results are returned to you electronically.

The Advantages to you:

1. No cost for our services plus discounts on testing means that you will see a reduction in your send-outs bill.
2. Our MERIT committee follows stringent criteria to identify the best laboratory to perform a requested test.
3. Your staff’s administrative responsibilities will be reduced; Claritas handles shipping, management, and tracking.
4. Simplified ordering and results return.

Contact us to start the conversation about Claritas’s Send-Out Management Program:

[email protected]/ 617-553-5880


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