Who we are

Claritas is a genetic diagnostic laboratory that has the goal of providing the highest quality testing services for diagnosis of pediatric disorders. Originating as the in-house genetic testing lab at Boston Children’s Hospital, Claritas was launched as a stand-alone entity in February 2013, and in October 2013, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital joined us, beginning the formation of a genomic network of pediatric hospitals. Claritas aims to support institutions as they integrate genomics into the practice of medicine. Save way to help solve ED problems from trusted pharmacy.

What’s New

March 2015: Join the Claritas team at ACMG and see the strength of the Claritas Pediatric Neurology Exome.
Feb 2015: Claritas CEO Patrice Milos presents latest data and case studies on the Pediatric Neurology Exome at AGBT.


Testing Services

Claritas offers services that support all aspects of the clinical testing experience, from test ordering to providing the most reliable and up-to-date clinical report for each patient. Our tests are derived from the clinical expertise at pediatric hospitals and, if requested, we can connect our clients to subject matter experts for follow-up.

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Send Out Management

Claritas can act as a single point of contact and interface for your institution’s reference lab send-outs, for negotiating volume discounts, streamlined ordering, sample shipping, test status reporting and results return. For more on send out management please contact us.

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Educational Resources

As part of our mission to partner with health care providers to improve patient care, Claritas Genomics is deeply committed to creating resources that further our community’s knowledge about genetics and genomics.  Check back often as our content will continue to grow.

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Join the Network

Claritas was created to broaden access to the medical genomics expertise in the pediatric community. The company is majority owned and controlled by pediatric hospitals and is connecting the networked hospitals to promote sharing of infrastructure in genetic testing, data for research, expertise and best practices. For more on membership please contact us.