Claritas Genomics is committed to providing quality healthcare services and making the billing process streamlined and hassle-free for its patients. The company offers various payment options, and patient assistance programs, and maintains complete transparency in its billing procedures.

Billing Services

Mail-In Payment Options

Claritas Genomics accepts payments via mail, and patients can mail in their check payments to the address provided on their bill. Patients should remember to include the stub from their bill when mailing in their payment and include their 8-digit invoice number on their checks.

Automated Voice Response System

For patients who prefer to pay their bills over the phone, Claritas Genomics offers an automated voice response system that is available 24/7. Patients can call (617) 553 – 5880 and follow the prompts to pay their bills. It requires patients to enter their invoice number and payment information, and the system will provide a confirmation number once the payment is processed.

In-Person Payment Options

Patients can visit the center and make their payments in person without any additional fees. The center operates during regular business hours, and patients should bring their invoice number and payment information to process the payment.

Charitable Care and Financial Assistance

As part of its commitment to providing quality healthcare services, Claritas Genomics offers financial assistance to patients in need. The company understands that some patients may require medical care but are unable to pay for them, and they work with each patient to determine their eligibility for financial assistance. Patients can also apply for charitable care under certain circumstances.

Services & Prices

Service Format Price Turnaround Time
Standard Sequencing Service Tube $8.35 12:00 pm the next day
Tube (No Barcode) $2.50 n/a
96-well Plate $5.00 2 plates – 12:00 pm next day<br>3-10 plates – ≤48 hrs<br>>10 plates – ≤72 hrs
ShortSeq Plate $252/plate ($2.62/read for 96 samples) 12:00 pm the next day
Ready2Load Plate $99/plate ($1.03/read for 96 samples) 12:00 pm the next day
Prepaid Sequencing Options SimpleSeq Kit $528.00/Kit ($5.50/read) Same as standard tubes
SimpleSeq Kit Premixed $475.00/Kit ($4.94/read) Same as standard tubes
FlexRead refills $5.00/read Immediate
FlexPacks $5.00/read Immediate
Prepaid PlateSeq $262.00 Same as standard plates
Prepaid PlateSeq $328.00 Same as standard plates
Whole Plasmid Sequencing 2.5 – 25 kb Length Tube or Plate Next day
25 – 125 kb Length Tube or Plate Next day
125 – 300 kb Length Tube or Plate 2 days
Premium Sequencing GLP Sequencing Tube or Plate Project dependent
CLIA Sequencing Tube or Plate Project dependent
Fragment Analysis Tube or Plate ≤72 hrs
Additional Services Plasmid Prep/Cleanup Tube/Plate +1 Day
Primer Synthesis n/a +1 Day
Primer Design/Synthesis n/a Varies
Shipping Supplies Digital Shipping Label n/a Free for most orders<br>$13.70 to purchase
Overnight Shipping Kit n/a $14
Barcode Labels Tube or Plate Free (<3 day delivery)

Note: Turnaround time may vary based on the size and complexity of the order. The typical turnaround times for sequencing services using the Sanger method are provided above. Overnight sequencing is available for orders of up to 192 standard sequencing reactions. Additional charges apply if Eurofins barcode labels are not used for tube submission. The no barcode handling fee only applies to submissions that do not utilize the free barcodes provided by Eurofins Genomics. The lowest ShortSeq Plate Sequencing prices are accurate for fully-loaded 96-well plates (94 reactions). Please note that these prices are per plate. Free shipping is available for samples, and sequence results are delivered the following morning. Barcode delivery takes 7-14 days.