Claritas is a full-service CLIA Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory, originally part of Boston Children’s Hospital. It was launched as a stand-alone entity in February 2013 and is designed to meet the genetic testing needs of ordering providers, hospitals and researchers. Claritas offers a full range of services that support all aspects of the clinical testing experience – from clinician ordering to providing the most reliable and up-to-date clinical report for each patient.

Claritas is led by an accomplished executive team with experience in molecular diagnostics, DNA sequencing technology, healthcare IT and pharmaceutical development. The Claritas team includes funded NIH investigators, genetic counselors, bioinformaticians, software developers, product managers, medical directors, laboratory managers, and laboratory technologists. Because Claritas maintains a close relationship with a number of pediatric hospitals and their renowned investigators, we are uniquely positioned to translate novel research-based discoveries into diagnostic clinical practice.

Read the press release about our launch.