Clinical genetic testing services with expert interpretation:

Claritas is committed to providing the highest quality tests for diagnosis of pediatric disorders, from pharmacogenomics to inherited disease to cancer.
Tests are designed to provide clinically useful results through the use of the technology best suited to identify relevant variants.
Assays are performed at both the Claritas CLIA laboratory and at the laboratories of our network partners.

Our test menu includes:

  • Gene panels
  • Single gene tests (>100 tests)
  • Chromosomal microarrays (germline and tumor)
  • CLIA confirmation of research findings
  • Exome sequencing (available Fall 2013)
  • Interpretation only: reinterpretation of exome or test data from other service providers (available late 2013)

Our approach:
Our testing services are based on clinical presentation to help take the guesswork out of test ordering.
Our experts will work together with you up-front to help navigate the menu of testing options and ensure that we provide you all the information you need to order the right test for your patient and get an informative result.

Our services include:

  • Up-front consultation to support test ordering.
  • Phone and online access to ongoing support and explanation at all stages of the testing process.
  • Input from world renowned experts in clinical interpretation of complex genetic data.
  • Support finding a subject matter expert for further medical examination if requested.