As a part of clinical testing services at Claritas Genomics, data return is included at no additional charge with any next-generation exome-based test. Data return refers to both raw data files (BAM, VCF) for download, as well as trial access to NextCODE for interactive variant browsing.

Raw data return

  • File types included in return: BAM, VCF, QC metrics.
  • Turnaround time for raw data return is 10 business days.
  • Additional specifications about data delivery can be found here.
  • Delivery of data is by file download, hard drive delivery is not included.
  • If additional or alternate distributions of data are required (i.e. hard drive delivery), please contact our Client Services team to discuss logistics and pricing.
  • Claritas Genomics does not provide additional support beyond file transfer. If providers desire additional assistance, contact our Client Services team to discuss charges for this consultation service.

NextCODE access

  • NextCODE offers a platform for interactive variant browsing.
  • Trial access is provided for 3 months to access and view clinical data.
  • Turnaround time for NextCODE access is 10 business days.
  • Access is authorized to individuals with the same institutional affiliation as the original ordering provider only.
  • Requestors or authorized individuals receive an email with instructions. Trainings are available through NextCODE. Clients who desire additional support beyond account set-up and file access should inquire about Claritas Connect.

How to order
For original ordering providers:

  • Original ordering providers interested in data return should use the requisition form to order raw data and/or NextCODE access when ordering testing on the patient at Claritas Genomics.
  • Providers may also contact our Client Services team at [email protected] to provide written documentation of their request for raw data and/or access to NextCODE.

Requests from providers who are not the original ordering provider:

  • If a provider who did not originally order the clinical testing on the patient desires patient raw data files, these providers must use the Data Release Authorization Form: Raw Data form to obtain patient authorization. If sequencing was performed on family members, all individuals must give authorization, as the patient’s data cannot be separated from the family.
  • If access to NextCODE is desired for collaboration, the original ordering provider must use the Data Release Authorization Form: NextCODE Access form.

This program is not available to providers in New York State.