ClariView Array

Test Background

The ClariView Array is a uniquely designed microarray for patients with: Intellectual Disability (ID), Developmental Delay (DD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

This array offers:

  • Very high resolution in critical regions: detects exonic deletions and duplications as small as 1kb in 811 genes relevant to ID/DD/ASD, making this assay a first-line test for this group of patients
  • Increased probe coverage in known disease regions and around genes associated with specific Mendelian traits to detect changes ≥50 kb
  • Backbone coverage in non-disease regions to detect changes ≥150 kb
  • 30,000 SNP probes are placed in the genome to detect AOH larger than 5-10 Mb

About Claritas

Claritas Genomics serves children affected with complex genetic disorders by providing timely and accurate results, resolving families’ long search for answers. By combining clinical expertise of the world’s best pediatric specialists with innovative platform solutions, Claritas is working to improve patient care and enable new discoveries. We are committed to the highest quality and accessibility of information and our interpretive services and unique approach to reporting set the standard for reliably and clearly communicating genetic information.

Now is the time to integrate genomics into clinical practice to inform, guide and improve medical treatment for kids around the world.