The Claritas Pediatric Neurology Exome is the first in a family of high content, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) assays launched by Claritas Genomics. The Claritas Pediatric Exome assays combine the flexibility and comprehensiveness of whole exome sequencing with the rigor of deep and focused analysis of variants associated with specific clinical presentations.

Patients who will benefit from the Claritas Pediatric Neurology Exome:

  • Pediatric patients with neurological symptoms suspected of having a genetic basis, for which traditional or small panel testing is insufficient.

Technical Specifications:

  • Clinical areas covered: Epilepsy/seizures, neuromuscular disorders, hereditary peripheral neuropathy, movement disorders, brain malformations, leukodystrophy, and encephalomyopathy. Autism will be covered by the Claritas Pediatric Medical Exome.
  • Coverage: 100x mean coverage; approximately 90% of the exons are covered at greater than 30x.
  • TAT: Call us to review your case and discuss sending a sample: 617-553-5880.


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Call us at 617-553-5880 to review your case, prior to sending the sample.

If there are questions regarding this test, please contact Client Services at 617-553-5880 or [email protected]