R&D Scientist

Claritas genomics is seeking a motivated R&D Scientist to help accelerate next-generation sequencing (NGS) into clinical diagnostics. The candidate will define chemistries and methods, validate new assays and transfer them to the production laboratory. This work will include designing primers and protocols, testing new methods and equipment, documenting assay processes in SOPs, analyzing NGS results and documenting results in validation reports.


As a member of the R&D team, the candidate will:

  • Develop complete NGS assay protocols with optimized methods
  • Work with the production lab staff and other R&D scientists to ensure the assays leverage Claritas expertise and work efficiently in the production CLIA lab
  • Perform proof-of-principle feasibility testing and assay clinical validation testing.
  • Document assay procedures in lab SOPs
  • Analyze NGS results
  • Document assay performance results in validation reports.

Educational Requirements

  • MS or PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry, biology or a related field


  • Serious, quality-focused R&D scientist with 1-3 years experience in a molecular biology lab.
  • Strong foundations in molecular biology principles.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills including technical writing for documenting CLIA lab processes and validation reports.
  • Work successfully in a multidisciplinary team environment.
  • Strong data analysis, critical thinking and trouble shooting skills.
  • Experience with primer design and NGS data analysis is strongly preferred.
  • Prior experience in regulated laboratory environment (e.g. CLIA, FDA-QSR, ISO) is preferred.
  • Prior experience with NGS and human genetics is a plus.

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